Powder coating – what is it and why are we so good at it?

More robust than conventional painting methods, powder coating is a free-flowing, dry powder which is ideal for coating metals.  Heat is then used to melt and cure the powder, and this is what creates such a durable finish.  It is a service offered to a vast array of industries that require a tougher alternative to conventional paint and is a commonly used finishing process in the manufacturing industry.

Applied correctly, it prevents the build-up of rust and corrosion on metal products and surfaces and so the application of it is vital to its success.  Davmar Engineering take on projects others turn down and we can do this because we have invested heavily in the very best powder coating spray equipment operated by our highly skilled workforce.

From railings to alloy wheels, our Powder Coating department is without doubt, one of the busiest and most highly regarded aspects of Davmar Engineering and our reputation for lead times and quality is undisputed.