Introducing our new fibre laser cutter!

As we approach another new year, we want to officially introduce you to our newest investment which we know will make 2023 our best year yet – our new Bodor C3 Fibre Laser Cutter! It has a 3000 x 1500 cutting bed capacity and can cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass. With a 3KW laser source by IPG, it runs cutting gasses of oxygen for mild steel and nitrogen for stainless and aluminium.

Our team has had the very best, comprehensive training from the Bodor team – their support service is world-class, and we will also benefit from on-site or immediate remote assistance when required.

As we continue to invest in our growth, we are seeing a huge uptake in our services and this fully cements our position as one of the leading fabrication and engineering services in the country.