Davmar welcomes new director, Ben Wheat

We talk a lot about the relationships we build and develop with our customers, but we don’t often mention those we build with our plant suppliers and peers.  To us, forging strong connections with these guys is as important in contributing to our mantra of ‘going the extra mile’.  We find if we do, they do and this results in a top level service which filters down to benefit our end user.

Even more of an endorsement to our ethos can be perfectly exemplified by the appointment of our new director, Ben Wheat, who has come to us straight from his role as sales director for one of our top plant suppliers.  His close working relationship with Mark over the years has resulted in a mutual respect, which has created the most brilliant of foundations for Ben’s growth within the Davmar fold.

Ben started his career in the sub-contracting metal work industry nearly fifteen years ago when he started his role as Business Development Manager for a waterjet cutting company, moving some years later to a Sales Manager role in a wider metal working organisation.  His knowledge of our sector is vast, and this allows him to bring a fresh but experienced approach to his new role with Davmar Engineering.

By having the opportunity to invest in the business, Ben is fully committed to Davmar’s success, saying “coming to work in the morning feels different, I’m hugely invested in it and keep an eye on everything.”

Ben’s attention to detail has not gone unnoticed, and he has taken on the baton of going the extra mile seamlessly, insisting that there is no 9-5 in the Davmar team; whatever is needed, whatever the time, he will deliver.

Ben is not only steadfast on growing the business in terms of taking on new clients, he’s also focused on ensuring that the long term contracts are successful.  However more than this, he is making sure that every opportunity is taken in terms of improving the processes so that those long term contracts are performing at the absolute top level.  If improvements can be made, they will be.

“If we can improve, we will.  Our long term contracts and our relationships with our customers are never taken for granted and we will work tirelessly to be the very best we can be.”