About the survey

In a world that, in the last few years, has seen drastic changes to the way we work and connect, we are faced with questions about the working environment and if the digital landscape is robust enough to cope.

We believe that, just as we expect running water, electricity, and heating at work, as a society we should expect reliable mobile signal alongside it. We call it the 4th Utility, and it should be prioritised in the same way the first three are.

Properties with advanced technologies that connectivity can facilitate, including IoT (Internet of Things) and efficient energy management systems will become more attractive to long-term tenants, enhancing the value, and ultimately making it a solid investment.

By filling out this survey and telling us about any issues you face when it comes to mobile signal, you will help us understand what needs to be done to improve the way we tackle digital infrastructure, from the way we market solutions to the way we can instigate change.

Your contribution will provide significant help in our understanding of any indoor mobile connectivity problems that are happening today, providing the knowledge and insight to make improvements in the delivery of indoor mobile connectivity.