CNC Plasma Cutting – not sure it’s for you?

We use top of the range UK designed and engineered CNC plasma cutting tables to enhance our manufacturing processes.  Offering plasma cutting enables us to take on projects that require precision and versatility, whilst keeping the cost down in comparison to other methods of cutting metal.

Customers come to us with anything from one-off cuts to entire builds, our engineers work closely to get the very next from the software to programme the design and get the results we have become renowned for.

We are often asked whether plasma cutting is really able to get the same results as laser.  The versatility of plasma is often it’s biggest selling point; it can cut any metal in various thicknesses ranging between 1mm and 80mm at a speed of 20 metres per minute and is at its performance best cutting thick metal.

There is a place for both at Davmar Engineering and only by talking to us about your requirements can we advise what metal cutting process is more suited to your needs.